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About us

Women, work, sustainability, craftsmanship, transformation, leather goods, social innovation.

Transformation is our incredible story.

Our innovation lies not in the product, but in a new idea of craftsmanship. The red thread is our magical element.

La.B is a space for research and experimentation where buffalo leather is the focal point of every project. La.B is a brand, is a social innovation project through pathways of work reintegration for women victims of violence.
A training workshop, a network of values and skills.

We firmly believe that our work has the power to create value, hope, and trust in ourselves and in the individuals who wear our products. In doing so, we pay tribute to our personal history and strongly believe in the power of work and every woman's ability to transform her ideas into something extraordinary.


Made exclusively from 100% leather. With every detail, we infuse our heart and soul, ensuring that each La.Bag becomes a cherished companion.


A new collection by LA.B, that emerges from our unwavering belief in celebrating the true essence of every individual a profound self-love.


Seats, armchairs, storage containers, frames, and numerous other leather home accessories, all meticulously handcrafted.

La.B is an artisanal revolution.

La.B is a way of life.

The recognition of oneself in the ideation and realization of a project.
It is feeling part of a transformation where the choice of products involves a new awareness. A new narrative where leather craftsmanship and love for the territory come together.
La.B is feeling part of a community. La.B is an artisanal revolution.

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